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Game PC AMD Ryzen 7 Hellfire



Much power with the Hellfire!

You want to play at the highest frame rates at 1080p (Full HD)? With this high-end PC from Megaport, it's an easy feat. It delivers more than enough performance to enjoy current games at high graphics settings with absolutely no stuttering. Also, get ready for a fabulous virtual reality (VR) experience of the upper class. The Hellfire is also king when it comes to a wide range of applications: whether it's video games, video editing in UHD (4K) resolution, or even the most demanding 3D modeling, this PC handles all tasks with flying ease and looks bombastic doing it!

Operating system is installed!

When you order Windows from us to go with your computer, we install the original license on your system as well. Then we perform a stress test of the configured components to guarantee the functionality of your new PC! For you it is then only connect and start!

Customize your PC!

Do you have a special request for the Hellfire that we didn't think of during the configuration? No problem! Use our PC configurator to put together the PC of your dreams. Only components that work in your system are offered here. Our expert support will also be happy to help you with any questions you may have about your Dream Machine.


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