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Game PC AMD Ryzen 5 Buccaneer



The Buccaneer: Much performance for little money!

To enter actively into the fascinating world of digital adventures, this gaming PC is ideally suited! A strong team of AMD CPU and NVIDIA graphics card form the solid unit for gaming adventures of the extra class! In addition to the powerhouses, there is also plenty of fast RAM. Fast RAM is necessary for the speedy execution of all programs and applications - it therefore has a significant influence on the speed of your PC. With this setup, you can play games like League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch and Countersrike super smoothly. Of course, you can also easily run all common applications that you need in everyday life. The Buccaneer - your companion for all digital questions!

A lot of space for your data

In addition to the popular processor and high-quality graphics card, the PC features an SSD drive and an HDD hard drive. Both together form an ideal mix of high speed and plenty of storage space. The fast SSD offers you enough capacity for the operating system and frequently used programs and games. The SSD is characterized by fast access speeds, which reduce the time needed to open programs and system starts to a minimum. In contrast, there is the huge HDD hard drive. It convinces with ample storage space for the rest of your data, games, programs and multimedia data at an extremely low price.

Easy to modify

Through the PC configurator with live compatibility check, you can easily choose exactly the components you want. By the way, here you can also find the detailed technical data of the individual components. And don't worry: You will only be offered hardware that works in combination! If you still have questions about your custom gaming PC, our expert support will be happy to help you.


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