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Game-pc samenstellen met de flexibele configurator van Megaport

Je wilt zelf een game-pc samenstellen en deze naar je persoonlijke wensen vormgegeven? Geen enkel probleem! Zelf een game computer samenstellen gaat snel en makkelijk met onze configurator. De game-pc configurator van Megaport geeft de mogelijkheid tot zelf game computer samenstellen, en dat in een handomdraai. Profiteer van de know-how die we opgedaan hebben bij het game-pc bouwen en kies uit de honderden accessoires de beste hardware die bij je past. Op een eenvoudige manier kun je zelf een game-pc samenstellen die al in een paar dagen bij je thuis bezorgd wordt. Start meteen!

Megaport’s Custom PC Builder – Build a Custom Gaming PC with this simple trick

Do you want to customize a PC according to your own specific needs and requirements? Easy peasy! Our Custom PC Builder is here to help you do just that.

The Custom PC Builder by Megaport allows you to configure your own Custom Gaming PC from the comfort of your own home. Profit from our know-how in building computers and choose your favourites from our wide range of components. It is that easy to configure a Gaming PC, which will be delivered to you in a matter of days. What are you waiting for? Start today!

Customize a PC according to your requirements

We know that every gamer has their own preferences and different requirements from their gaming computer. Our Custom Gaming PC Builder offers you a wide range of configuration options. From the practical, entry level Gaming Computers, or solid, midrange PCs to the most formidable, high-end rigs, we have attractive options for any PC gamer. It is up to you how you configure your machine. Thanks to our wide range of PC components and hardware the possibilities are endless.

Customize a PC – easier than you might think

With the help of our Custom PC Builder you can assemble your own Custom Gaming PC in no time at all. Choose your favourite hardware step by step and get the desktop PC of your dreams. When choosing your components you can use our practical overview tool, which shows a range hardware in the same performance band. This way, you have a clear comparison of similar products to help you customize a PC, so it is easier to select your favourites.

Extensive range of high quality hardware

Our extensive range consists of the best, most up to date products on the market. From AMD processors and Corsair memory solutions to Palit graphics cards or Zalman cases, you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for in our wide range of products. Megaport offers only the very best quality components for you to choose from when customizing your gaming PC. The hardest part is choosing between the outstanding components that we offer! The most important decision is between CPU manufacturers: are you Team Intel, or Team AMD? Do you want to trust the market leader Intel or are you willing to give the new AMD Ryzen or the well-established FX processors a chance? This is a decision of great importance. It will affect not only the performance of your PC, but also your choice of motherboard. When putting together your Custom Gaming PC, think carefully about what you want from your machine. Our intelligent Custom Gaming PC configurator will take care of the rest - and ensure that your choice of components is compatible. Assembling your own Custom Gaming PC really can be this easy.

Anything is possible. Build entry level and high performance PCs.

Do you want to put together the ideal entry level PC for your first steps into the gaming world? Choose our cheap, yet high quality components to get your started in the fabulous world of PC gaming. For more demanding gamers, our Custom PC Builder offers pricier, premium components. Is gaming an important part of your daily life? Do you want to switch off after school, university or work and dive into the fantasy worlds of PC games? Then use our Gaming PC Builder to select faster processors, more powerful graphics cards and storage media with higher capacity. Our Custom PC Builder allows even the most hardcore of gamers to customize a PC that meets their high standards.

But “high-end” is not an alien concept to us. You will also find the very best hardware with unparalleled performance in our range. Even graphics cards capable of delivering virtual reality (V.R.) and 4k resolution can be found in our selection. To guarantee longevity for your Custom Gaming PC you can choose efficient CPU cooling and airflow cooling. Our selection of power supply units take care of a reliable power supply.

Our Gaming PC Builder: full compatibility for your customized PC

It isn’t exactly rocket science to customize a PC, but there are a few things you should bear in mind. Whether you’re a hardcore, experience gamer or a complete newbie isn’t important. Gaming technology is constantly developing, and we keep up to date for you. Our intelligent Gaming PC Builder knows exactly which hardware is compatible. You needn’t worry about accidentally selecting incompatible components when you customize a PC. If your components aren’t compatible, our PC Builder will flag this up. Simply choose a different component. This also applies to the addition of optional hardware. Be it a sound card, DVD or Blu-ray drive, or a card reader, if there is no space on the mainboard for them, you will receive a notification from our PC Builder. The choice is yours as to which hardware you want to choose. Relax, safe in the knowledge that the end result will be a fully compatible, high quality Custom Gaming PC.

Custom PC Builder: looks do count!

Particularly impressive is our range of cases. Even the most powerful PC falls flat without an attractive exterior. In our Custom PC Builder tool you will find a large selection of stylish and practical cases to choose from. From simple cases, to cases with a windowed side panel and a quirky form. When purchasing a Megaport Custom Gaming PC you shouldn’t have to settle for anything but the best. You can opt for additional features, such as illuminated fans or LED strips. If you plan on placing your PC within sight, then LED fans are a nice touch. If you jazz up your Custom Gaming PC with a quirky case and lights, then it is guaranteed to be the centrepiece of which ever room you place it in. But you don’t have to decide on just one colour, you can choose LED fans or strips with RGB lighting. The practical remote control allows you to change the colour of the lights according to the mood. Light up your gaming experience and take a look at the LED technology we offer in our Custom PC Builder.

Get the full package with our Custom PC Builder.

At Megaport we offer everything that sets a gamer’s pulse racing. This is why we offer high quality gaming accessories in our Gaming PC Builder, so that nothing is missing from your dream Custom Gaming PC. Pick out suitable keyboards, mice and monitors alongside to complete Custom Gaming PC.  You have the choice between wireless and non-wireless mice to accompany you on your gaming adventure. We offer both ordinary computer mice and specially designed gaming mice which will help you dominate your opponents.

Don’t forget to take a look at our wide range of keyboards when assembling your rig. High quality keyboards with breathtaking LED lighting will brighten up your desk, alongside your illuminated fans and casing strips. If you like things to match, then we offer keyboard and mouse sets, to really complete your attractive gaming rig.  

But even the highest quality PCs are nothing without breathtaking pictures to match. When putting together your Custom Gaming PC, be sure to take a look at the range of monitors offered in our Gaming PC Builder. There you will find a wide variety of monitors, from smaller, 22 inch monitors to extra-large 28 inch monitors for an incomparable gaming experience. Our monitors deliver brilliantly sharp image display and lightning fast response times. Round off your Customized Gaming PC by selecting a NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card and open your eyes to modern gaming graphics anew.

Use our Custom PC Builder with the help of our competent support team

Do you have any questions about customizing your PC or do you just need some advice? Do not hesitate contacting our friendly customer support team, who are happy to help. Benefit from our decades of experience in gaming and building PCs. We will take our time to help you in whatever way we can. Feel free to ask us questions about our Custom PC Builder. It is important to us that you are 100% satisfied with your Custom Gaming PC. Our competent advisers are available Mon-Fri from 7:00am to 15:00pm GMT or you can write us an email at

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